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Ninety years ago on this date, April 17, 1924, three companies merged to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, better known as M-G-M, which would become the largest, wealthiest, and most prolific studio of Hollywood’s Golden Age. As founder Louis B. Mayer said, “I want to make beautiful pictures about beautiful people.”

Many of the most important and beloved American movies, including The Big Parade, Grand Hotel, The Wizard of Oz, and Singin’ in the Rain, to name just a few, were made at M-G-M. It has been estimated that about one fifth of movies ever made in the United States were partially shot at the studio. This footage comes from a behind-the-scenes tour short, made in 1925, soon after the establishment of M-G-M.

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Jean Harlow, 1930s

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James Cagney and Bette Davis on the set if The Bride Came C.O.D, 1940.

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Gene Tierney in Laura, 1944 

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In addition to faith in God, I have faith in the future. No matter how bad things look at the time we’re gong through them, we do get through the dark days, and somehow, with time, they don’t seem quite so bad.
- Barbara Stanwyck 

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Robert Taylor and Jean Harlow on the set of ‘Personal Property’, 1937

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"Kings" + Final Words

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Katharine Hepburn by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1942

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